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Number 2…For Now

Unfortunately, we have to put our foam fingers in storage for the next year as North Carolina did not top CNBC’s 2024 Top States For Business ranking. We enjoyed the title for two years and certainly offer our congratulations, and a warning, to our friends in Virginia: we are coming for you! We clinched the #2 position, missing out on the top spot by only three points of the possible 2,500.

For the first time in the history of its ranking, CNBC placed the heaviest emphasis on its infrastructure category. We know there are areas to improve when you, our members, have told us that it takes longer to permit your projects than to build them. The NC Chamber team has long advocated for infrastructure policy and will continue to prioritize it as a critical component of our state’s competitiveness. Water, sewer, and an all-of-the-above approach to affordable, modern, diversified energy production are already on our radar, along with continuing to look at ways to expand public-private partnership opportunities.

The NC Chamber Foundation is tackling long-term infrastructure and growth policy head on with the addition of Senior Director of Infrastructure Competitiveness Dana Magliola earlier this year. Click here to learn more about this segment of the NC Leads strategic plan.

Workforce remained a heavily weighted category as well and North Carolina is certainly a top contender there. In fact, we are a top contender in nearly every category, which is why this ranking is so much fun to follow each year. Regardless of the outcome, the NC Chamber team will continue to be a voice for the commonsense middle and work tirelessly to advocate for solutions to make North Carolina a place where each business and its workforce can thrive.

That said…we are aiming for the top slot in 2025!