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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Based on the latest federal recommendations issued by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) has updated its COVID-19 vaccine prioritization plan to include five vaccination groups. The NCDHHS has announced COVID-19 vaccine providers that are ready to expand may vaccinate all health care workers and anyone 65 years and older. The bolded groups below are eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines. 

  • Group 1: Health care workers fighting COVID-19 and long-term care staff and residents
  • Group 2: Anyone 65 years or older, regardless of health status or living situation (download flyer
  • Group 3: Frontline essential workers (workers who are in sectors essential to the functioning of society and who are at substantially higher risk for exposure to COVID-19)
  • Group 4: Adults (ages 16-64) at high risk for exposure and increased risk of severe illness
  • Group 5: Everyone who wants a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination. COVID-19 vaccines are free (even if you do not have health insurance).

*The NCDHHS website includes details on these five groups and how to get a COVID-19 vaccine when you are eligible. You can also search for local testing locations.

**Check with your county’s health department to find a local vaccine provider. A listing of county health departments in North Carolina can be found on the NCDHHS website. More details on vaccine distribution by county are listed in this WRAL resource

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