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December 10, 2020

Second chance hiring and employment is the practice of employing individuals who have formerly been incarcerated. Utilized by businesses across the country, outcomes have been shown to be resoundingly positive for employers and employees, with perhaps even a greater impact on the overall surrounding community. At a time when talent supply presents the ultimate dilemma for many employers, second chance employment is a feasible solution.

Part one of this series provided the general overview of second chance employment, emphasizing the need and benefits to job seekers, job creators and communities as a whole. In part two, employers will hear specific strategies for implementing such a program within their own organization, regardless of size, region, or industry. 

As part of a panel discussion, attendees will have an opportunity to address the topic from an administration angle (including available state and local resources), and gain deeper insights from the perspectives of an employment attorney and a government representative for successful execution.


Please join us for this virtual “how-to” webinar and begin reaping the benefits of second chance hiring within your business. This program is complimentary and open to all employers.

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