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April 27, 2021

Performance Under Pressure Webinar – Complimentary to Members

Optimize Your Performance & Propel Your Business in 2021

As Covid-19 continues to cast unpredictability on economic climate and communities statewide, business leaders face a challenge of sustaining performing under pressure.

This webinar is designed for attendees to leave with action items to help identify the sources of performance gain that can boost the success of their strategic business initiatives and of their critical teams over the next 6-12 months.

To aid businesses to build high-performing teams throughout the course of the year, the NC Chamber is partnering with John Murphy International to review and discuss performance-related topics currently impacting businesses and their bottom line, including:

  • Insights gleaned from working with business leaders globally
  • Tools for unlocking performance from within a team
  • Focus on the small number of changes that will deliver maximum impact
  • New ways of looking at team performance

Session will include an interactive activity and conclude with Q&A.

Speaker: John Murphy

In his corporate career, John progressed from a sales person to a Sales Director, then CEO and Executive Chairman in a multinational financial services company, to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He established John Murphy International in 2004 with exclusive focus on working with senior directors and top leadership teams. John is an accredited coach and author of 10 Key Traits of Top Business Leaders.