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Common Core Opposition Reveals Political Agenda

As North Carolina begins a new year that will include many important decisions for the future of our state, we must recognize that the decisions we make to improve our education and talent pipeline will not only impact today’s students, but tomorrow’s workforce and our state’s economy. Businesses across our state – and nationally – are aware of this inextricable connection and have made their support for career and college ready standards clear. This is evidenced by the strong and growing coalition, led by the North Carolina Chamber, of public and private statewide leaders, who remain steadfast in their belief that these career and college ready standards are vital for developing a stronger workforce in North Carolina.

Many are unclear on the different sides of this debate. This recent Politico article sheds light on the national opposition to the Common Core standards and reveals a larger political agenda aimed toward dismantling public education throughout the U.S. – an agenda that is ultimately not focused on what teachers and students need to prepare our students for their futures.

In this letter, the North Carolina Chamber outlines it priorities and strategic efforts to support higher standards in education in North Carolina. We welcome your input on these projects, and hope you will provide us your perspective as we work with all sectors to do what is best for our communities around the state.