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North Carolina Chamber Foundation Continues to Prioritize Education in 2014

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January 7, 2014


As North Carolina begins a new year that will include many important decisions for the future of our state, we must recognize that the decisions we make to improve our education and talent pipeline will not only impact today’s students, but tomorrow’s workforce and our state’s economy. By 2030, North Carolina’s population is expected to increase by 3 million people – with an aligned, innovative education and talent pipeline, we know that our economy and our citizens can be globally competitive.

Last year, the North Carolina Chamber Foundation reviewed and actively engaged in comprehensive research, which resulted in vocal support of North Carolina’s educators, students and leaders as we raise the bar through higher standards to prepare all students for real, local jobs. The NC Chamber Foundation coordinated with experts here in North Carolina and from around the country, informed public and private leaders of the needs and findings of the business community, and worked with educators, nonprofits and the business community to deeply understand how today’s decisions will impact our state well into the future.

In the coming year, the North Carolina Chamber Foundation will continue to prioritize its Education and Talent Supply pillar, including the following strategic efforts already under way:

  • A comprehensive review and definitive recommendation on the implementation of high-quality assessments aligned with the state’s higher standards.
  • Coordination of a public education campaign called “Hire Standards, NC” to help the general public understand the importance and value of North Carolina’s Career and College Ready Standards, including North Carolina’s Common Core State Standards in mathematics and English/language arts.
  • Ongoing collaboration, coordination and grant-making with leaders from private, public and nonprofit sectors to ensure North Carolina has the most effective education and talent pipeline in the world.

The NC Chamber Foundation recognizes our state’s challenges, especially in education, are both complex and inextricably connected to our future economy and the well-being of all North Carolinians. We are excited to collaborate, providing research, insights and coordination, to assist leaders as they address those challenges. We welcome your input on these projects, and hope you will provide us your perspective as we work with all sectors to do what is best for our communities around the state. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Thank you for your leadership, collaboration and efforts to help North Carolina grow.


S. Lewis Ebert
President and CEO
North Carolina Chamber

Jim Whitehurst
President and CEO of Red Hat, Inc.
Chair, North Carolina Chamber