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Issue Alert > NC Chamber Drives Transportation Priorities for Business Community

| Infrastructure

With the Governor’s release of his 25-year transportation plan last week, there has been significant discussion statewide about the inherent connectivity between our state’s transportation system and economic growth. We are pleased to see the Governor aligning the long-term transportation goals of the state with our members’ North Carolina Vision 2030 and specifically the Infrastructure and Growth Leadership pillar. As you know, a longstanding mainstay of the North Carolina Chamber’s competitiveness agenda stands on the premise that a prosperous future for North Carolina necessitates sufficient physical infrastructure that meets our state’s growing economic development needs. This will be a priority issue in the coming year, and the NC Chamber is hard at work preparing for 2015.

The NC Chamber Foundation has commissioned a deep-dive study to provide options for generating long-term, sustainable revenues for infrastructure investment and provide the economic impacts each option would have on key industry sectors, which is unique to studies previously conducted by other groups. The study will be released late this fall and provide even more targeted information as we work to develop the most effective strategy to invest in our transportation system today and tomorrow, in order to yield the most significant return on investment. Additionally, in order to most effectively tackle North Carolina’s transportation challenges, the NC Chamber has developed the Coalition for a Prosperous Future to join the voices of key stakeholders throughout the broad-based business community with other aligned organizations.

We want your input: If your organization is interested in joining the coalition, please contact Jake Cashion. As we move forward with the coalition and learn from the study results, we will continue working with Gov. McCrory and the General Assembly to drive solutions on this critical issue.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber