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Expect Lower Workers’ Comp Rates in 2015

Workers’ Compensation Rates Falling for NC Employers
Announced last week, workers’ compensation rates for most North Carolina employers will fall to an average of 3.4 percent next year. According to the Insurance Department, the percentage decrease will impact about 95 percent of employers. However, rates will vary from one company to another based on an employers’ claims experience and the types of workers employed. This decrease is welcomed relief for employers, as most saw an average 4.2 rate increase this year. Read more here.

As you know, workers’ compensation is critical to a competitive business climate. The NC Chamber will continue to build on reforms made to the system in 2011, and advance market-based reforms to make workers’ compensation rates competitive with private sector health insurance reimbursement.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber