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Taking Steps Toward Long-Term Transportation Funding

| Infrastructure

On Monday, the North Carolina Chamber convened more than 20 organizations that are members of our Coalition for a Prosperous Future to hear from Rep. John Torbett, Rep. Paul Tine and Rep. Phil Shepard. In a discussion led by Rep. Torbett, the bill sponsors walked the group through the details House Bill 927 – Reestablish NC as the “Good Roads State”. The bill is a first step in securing long-term transportation funding for our state. Key points of emphasis include cutting the gas tax and increasing the highway use tax, as well as DMV, auto insurance, truck, car rental and vehicle registration fees. H927 also phases out highway trust fund transfers over four years.

The legislators discussed this bill as a starting point and asked the group of allied business organizations to continue to review the bill and to provide them with ways they can make it better. Coalition members offered feedback in addition to thanking the legislators for their action to pass Senate Bill 20 which, as one coalition member stated, “stopped the bleeding” and ensures North Carolina’s immediate transportation needs are adequately funded.

The North Carolina Chamber continues to engage in discussions to secure a diversified, stable and economically efficient revenue model to meet North Carolina’s long-term transportation needs. Investing in the state’s transportation network is crucial and yields a positive impact on safety, congestion mitigation and quality of life

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber