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Opposing Government-Imposed Mandates that Stifle NC Growth

In a meeting of the House Insurance Committee Wednesday, I provided testimony in opposition to government health care mandates and their growth-stifling impacts on our state’s businesses, both large and small. These costly pieces of legislation continue to advance in the General Assembly despite opposition from both private sector businesses and state employee health plan representatives to making each job cost more.

HB 528 (Establish Chiropractor Co-Pay Parity) passed the House Wednesday. This bill would selectively levy yet another government-imposed mandate on North Carolina businesses, driving up coverage costs for employers and reducing health care choices for consumers and small businesses.

A whopping 57 government mandates currently bog down our state’s health care marketplace. And yet, legislators on both sides of the aisle continue to introduce new insurance mandates without regard to the impact on the cost of a job. Policy makers have to recognize that insurance companies do not pay premiums, people and businesses foot that bill. The NC Chamber remains committed to opposing government mandates on health insurance, and we urge all members of the General Assembly to take a hard stand against these growth killers – before North Carolina’s health care system winds up looking like California’s.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber