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NC’s Transportation Future Rests on Bold Action Now

| Infrastructure

As North Carolina’s roads and bridges remain at risk with safety and congestion concerns, lawmakers in the House released a budget proposal Thursday that includes a number of bold measures to find solutions to our current and future transportation needs. The proposal would reduce some revenue transfers from the Highway Fund to the General Fund, drops the motor fuels tax to 33 cents per gallon and makes adjustments to fees paid by drivers. This proposal will generate approximately $300 million in additional revenues for North Carolina’s transportation network.

The NC Chamber believes the measures contained in the House proposal represent a good first step in the discussion toward the long-term, sustainable funding solutions we need. With the future of our transportation system at stake, now is the time for courageous action to put North Carolina on the right path toward becoming the “Good Transportation State” once again.

A decision to do nothing now is a decision against safety, jobs and the competitiveness of this great state. Bold and visionary leadership is required and the House Transportation Committee took an important first step, and we thank them. We now urge all members of the House to advance this vital pro-growth discussion by supporting the House Transportation Committee’s proposal – North Carolina can’t afford to wait.

I encourage you to visit Sign the petition, view our TV ad on the transportation crisis in North Carolina and share with your colleagues to let your elected leaders know that North Carolina must be proactive to meet the demands of North Carolina’s roads, rail, air and ports and ensure the safety of our transportation network.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber