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Time is Running Out to Stop Plaintiff Attorneys from Gaming NC’s Legal System

| Tort Reform & Legal Climate

We’re racing against the clock to move legislation that would stop bad acting plaintiff attorneys from gaming our legal system when filing bankruptcy trust claims. While the Senate has already passed Senate Bill 470: Personal Injury Bankruptcy Trust Claims, the House has yet to act on the legislation. For far too long, these plaintiff attorneys have taken advantage of vulnerabilities in our legal system by employing unethical legal practices that include hiding evidence of exposure and “double dipping” damages. This flagrant exploitation of our legal system harms both the injured seeking retribution and the defending businesses.

Senate Bill 470 amends Rule 26 of North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedures regarding civil discovery in asbestos personal injury cases, requiring trust claims be filed prior to trial instead of after. This change will establish transparency and fairness in North Carolina’s costly civil liability and bankruptcy trust system, allowing juries to consider all evidence of claimed asbestos exposures in suit proceedings – a critical component to conducting a fair trial. Not only would this legislation keep plaintiff attorneys from abusing the state’s legal system, but it would also benefit the injured as accelerating claim filings will expedite the receipt of trust payments. We should be focused on helping the injured receive the money they are owed faster, not lining the pockets of plaintiff attorneys more concerned over their cut. Senate Bill 470 would do just that, while cultivating fair and transparent bankruptcy trust proceedings.

It’s clear passing this legislation institutes common-sense reforms that put the people, not plaintiff attorneys, first. However, time is running out and we need your help! Please call your representative today and ask them to pass Senate Bill 470. This interactive map will help you find your representative’s contact information. Your voice will be instrumental in making a difference in advancing this bill in these final legislative hours. North Carolina’s overall competitiveness depends on a strong legal climate that fosters predictability and transparency. Senate Bill 470 establishes both, while keeping plaintiff attorneys from manipulating our legal system for their personal gain. Please help us move Senate Bill 470 forward before our window closes.