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Tell Us About Your Health Care Initiatives

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As the largest purchasers of health care coverage, job creators should have the ability to demand better outcomes at a predictable cost – value. Unfortunately, that opportunity is limited, causing health care to remain one of the greatest concerns weighing on employers across the state. It is for that reason, the NC Chamber Foundation is focused on finding solutions that will make North Carolina a top-10 state for health and health care value. To do this, the NC Chamber Foundation retained Benfield to develop the Roadmap to Value Driven Health – the framework for a state-wide, multi-stakeholder initiative focused on bringing value driven health care to North Carolina.

As we move into the next phase of this project, the NC Chamber Foundation is gathering information about in-state entities and initiatives that can make important contributions to the success of the Roadmap to Value Driven Health. To help us with this research, we want to hear from our members on the programs or initiatives you are implementing locally.

Please answer the following questions about your program or initiative. You may email your responses to Cassi Zumbiel, policy development manager, or answer them using this online form. If you are pursuing multiple initiatives, please answer for the one that you believe is most relevant to the Roadmap. (You can also provide an additional set of responses for another initiative if you believe that will be helpful.

What is the name of the program or initiative?

What stakeholders do you engage in your initiative? In what area(s) of the state is this initiative taking place?

What is the overall goal or mission of your initiative?

How does your initiative focus on driving greater value in health care- controlling costs and/or improving health outcomes?

How do you measure success? Please give us more information on data or outcomes from this initiative.

In what ways do you believe that your entity or initiative could be leveraged to increase health care value in other parts of North Carolina?

Please include any other information that you think would be important to reference to learn more about your organization, including websites, pamphlets or key contacts.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber