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Improving Health Care Value in NC

| Health Care

Health care value is defined as improved outcomes at a predictable cost. Unfortunately, North Carolina’s health outcomes are below average. The state even slipped from 31st to 32nd in the United Health Foundation’s national health rankings last year. Health care continually remains one of job creators’ greatest concerns and as the number one purchasers of coverage in the state, these concerns must be taken seriously. It is for that reason, the NC Chamber Foundation launched the “Roadmap to Value Driven Health” to make North Carolina top-ten state for health and health care value. You can hear Dale Jenkins, CEO of Medical Mutual Holdings and former NC Chamber chairman, discuss this effort in this Carolina Business Review interview.

Developing a shared definition of health care value with the stakeholders along the health care supply chain is both critical and necessary to improving outcomes at a predictable cost. This alignment will help drive North Carolina toward a mutually-beneficial system that improves value for all. Many stakeholders have already started working together to drive value, as have employers committed to cultivating value for their employees. WakeMed Key Community Care Accountable Care Organization and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s partnership is just one example of stakeholder collaboration delivering value. Together, these organizations have improved the coordination of care and cost, reducing unnecessary costs by nearly $20 million. According to a press release from the organizations, “these positive outcomes show the power of collaboration between a health plan and a high quality delivery system where care coordination is a big focus, and patients reap the benefits of better- coordinated, more cost-effective care.”

When it comes to value, health care professionals and the business community talked past each other for far too long. Now, it’s time for business to take the lead and bring together our allies along the health care supply chain to drive value. It may not be easy, but bringing value driven health care to North Carolina is within our grasp. We have the talent, tools and focus to transform North Carolina’s health care, which will in turn solidify a consequential competitive advantage for our state. For an update on our research and what’s next, contact Cassi Zumbiel, policy development manager for the NC Chamber Foundation.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber