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2019 Priorities: Infrastructure & Growth Leadership

| Infrastructure

North Carolina’s transportation infrastructure is our gateway to the global economy. Without safe, efficient infrastructure networks that are capable of supporting monumental growth, North Carolina’s competitive advantage will quickly fade into the rearview mirror. It is for that reason, your NC Chamber team has long been committed to strengthening North Carolina’s transportation infrastructure networks.

This legislative session is no different. Our team is ready to advance policy solutions that bolster North Carolina’s infrastructure and secure funding mechanisms to support current and future improvements. Here are some of our 2019 Transportation and Growth Leadership priorities:

  • The NC Chamber will advocate for policy recommendations outlined in the NC Chamber Foundation’s regulatory competitiveness and water studies.
  • The NC Chamber will seek to streamline the contested case process to promote efficiency and predictability for businesses to simplify and accelerate project delivery.
  • The NC Chamber will identify additional, diversified revenue sources to stabilize North Carolina road, rail, and port (land and air) infrastructure investments, advocating for recommendations made in the NC Chamber Foundation’s transportation study.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Our team will be following many issues this session and will jump into action when needed. For example, the jet fuel sales tax exemption will expire this year unless action is taken. Commercial aviation is essential to North Carolina’s economy. Not only does it help our people get where they need to go, but it contributes $52 billion to the state’s economy and supports 307,000 jobs. As the sixth-best state in the nation for tax and fee burdens on jet fuel, North Carolina’s favorable tax climate supports a strong commercial aviation market. This is a vital tool to keep North Carolina competitive, which is why our team will be working to ensure the exemption remains in place.

We know that there are many other issues facing your business, and we’d like to hear about them. If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to fill out this survey and tell us about your company’s priorities for 2019. I also encourage you to check out our full 2019 legislative agenda here.

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