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Business Leaders Talk Health Care Transformation

From providers to job creators, the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy recently brought stakeholders from across the health care supply chain together to discuss transforming health care in North Carolina. I was honored to moderate a panel entitled, “Pressure for Change: Perspectives from Employers, Consumers, and Providers,” which examined the roles employers, consumers and providers each play in driving health care value. As made clear by the NC Chamber Foundation’s 2016 and 2018 health care studies, every stakeholder along the health care supply chain – providers, manufacturers, pharmacists, insurers, employers, consumers and others – must be engaged and work collaboratively in order to drive value.

It was exciting to see leaders from NC Chamber member companies lead discussions on transformation and value throughout the day. The NC Chamber Cornerstone Member companies represented included BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare, Mechanic and Farmers Bank, UNC Health Care and Vidant Health. I’d like to thank these members for their leadership on this important issue. Without job creators at the table, driving transformative change will be impossible.

To hear what leadership from these great companies had to say about transforming health care value in North Carolina, you can watch portions of the event here (Check out the event agenda to find the conversations you want to hear most). North Carolina is truly well positioned to drive health care value – better outcomes at a more predictable, manageable cost. Our state has all of the ingredients needed to advance transformation; the question is, do we have the will? I believe that we do. The time to catalyze transformation is now.


Gary J. Salamido
Chief Operating Officer and Acting President
NC Chamber

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