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Solving the Skills Gap, One Step at a Time

Think big, act local.

For a statewide organization like the NC Chamber, that’s been an important motto for us to adopt. Challenges like the skills gap demand large-scale and long-term solutions, but we know those changes won’t be effective unless they’re started at a local level. At our Education & Workforce Conference yesterday, leaders from across the state discussed a number of different approaches to workforce challenges in their area, but one thing was consistent: each approach was tailored to the needs of their community.

That’s why the NC Chamber Foundation is launching the Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) Academy. Solving the skills gap has to start with small steps at the local level, and TPM empowers local leaders to drive that change.

At its core, the TPM Academy is a leadership training for workforce development professionals who are ready to transform their area’s talent pipeline and are seeking ways to do that. Local chambers of commerce, workforce development boards, economic development partnerships and other community organizations are uniquely positioned to convene business leaders and education providers, and TPM gives them the tools to guide conversations once those partners are in the room. Business leaders and education providers are also encouraged to join the TPM Academy—while they might not be organizing the next steps after the Academy, you’ll be key players in the process, and understanding the curriculum

Learn more about TPM in this informative video from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation or visit our website to apply today before the September 1st deadline.