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How They Voted: 2019’s Legislative Scorecard

I’m pleased to share that the NC Chamber has released the latest edition of How They Voted, the business community’s annual record of how elected officials performed throughout the year. This publication identifies the key policies that were presented to legislators prior to the 2019 session and tracks how they ultimately voted on the issues most important to job creators. With 98 Jobs Champions and 11 Jobs Advocates in this issue, How They Voted demonstrates our legislature’s commitment to a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda that will keep North Carolina moving forward.

The bills described in How They Voted were selected using North Carolina Vision 2030 – A Plan for Accelerating Job Growth and Securing North Carolina’s Future as a guidepost. Vision 2030 is a forward-thinking vision that provides focused economic growth strategies to drive economic recovery and create good jobs for North Carolinians. Learn more about Vision 2030 here.

It was another successful legislative session with a number of wins for job creators at the North Carolina General Assembly. By the numbers, we saw:

  • 82% Average Voting Record
  • 98 Jobs Champions
  • 11 Jobs Advocates
  • 25 Pro-Jobs Bills, 14 of which became law
  • 13 Anti-Jobs Bills, 0 of which became law

New this year, we introduced a new designation for lawmakers who scored 70 percent or higher in 2019 and improved over their lifetime score by 10 percent: Jobs Advocates. These 11 lawmakers demonstrated their willingness to stand up for the business community this year and we are pleased to recognize them in this way.

Thank you for your continued support of the NC Chamber and your work in our state.


Jobs Champions

Rep. Jay Adams
Rep. Dean Arp
Rep. Lisa Barnes
Rep. John Bell
Rep. Jamie Boles
Rep. William Brisson
Rep. Cecil Brockman
Rep. Dana Bumgardner
Rep. Jerry Carter
Rep. Debra Conrad
Rep. Kevin Corbin
Rep. Ted Davis
Rep. Jimmy Dixon
Rep. Josh Dobson
Rep. Jeffrey Elmore
Rep. John Faircloth
Rep. Elmer Floyd
Rep. John Fraley
Rep. Ed Goodwin
Rep. Charles Graham
Rep. Holly Grange
Rep. Destin Hall
Rep. Kyle Hall
Rep. Bobby Hanig
Rep. Jon Hardister
Rep. Kelly Hastings
Rep. D. Craig Horn
Rep. Julia Howard
Rep. Chris Humphrey
Rep. Howard Hunter
Rep. Pat Hurley
Rep. Frank Iler
Rep. Steve Jarvis
Rep. Jake Johnson
Rep. Linda Johnson
Rep. Brenden Jones
Rep. Perrin Jones, MD
Rep. Donny Lambeth
Rep. David Lewis
Rep. Pat McElraft
Rep. Chuck McGrady
Rep. Jeffrey McNeely
Rep. Allen McNeill
Rep. Tim Moore
Rep. Larry Potts
Rep. Michele Presnell
Rep. Billy Richardson
Rep. Dennis Riddell
Rep. David Rogers
Rep. Stephen Ross
Rep. Jason Saine
Rep. Wayne Sasser
Rep. John Sauls
Rep. Mitchell Setzer
Rep. Phil Shepard
Rep. Carson Smith
Rep. Sarah Stevens
Rep. Larry Strickland
Rep. John Szoka
Rep. John Torbett
Rep. Brian Turner
Rep. Harry Warren
Rep. Donna White
Rep. Michael Wray
Rep. Larry Yarborough
Rep. Lee Zachary
Sen. John Alexander
Sen. Ted Alexander
Sen. Deanna Ballard
Sen. Phil Berger
Sen. Danny Britt
Sen. Harry Brown
Sen. Rob Bryan
Sen. Jim Burgin
Sen. Ben Clark
Sen. Warren Daniel
Sen. Jim Davis
Sen. Chuck Edwards
Sen. Carl Ford
Sen. Eddie Gallimore
Sen. Rick Gunn
Sen. Kathy Harrington
Sen. Ralph Hise
Sen. Rick Horner
Sen. Brent Jackson
Sen. Todd Johnson
Sen. Joyce Krawiec
Sen. Paul Lowe
Sen. Tom McInnis
Sen. Paul Newton
Sen. Jim Perry
Sen. Bill Rabon
Sen. Norm Sanderson
Sen. Vickie Sawyer
Sen. Sam Searcy
Sen. Bob Steinburg
Sen. Jerry Tillman
Sen. Andy Wells


Jobs Advocates

Rep. John Ager
Rep. Carla D. Cunningham
Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield
Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley
Rep. Graig R. Meyer
Rep. Garland E. Pierce
Rep. Joe Sam Queen
Rep. Amos L. Quick, III
Rep. Evelyn Terry
Sen. Dan Blue
Sen. Don Davis