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NC Chamber, Destination 2030 Coalition Drive Joint Effort Urging Bold Transportation Action for NC

A safe, reliable, and well-funded transportation network is nothing less than fundamental to North Carolina’s success, and the business community’s joint efforts to push for forward-thinking transportation solutions have yielded positive results in recent legislative sessions. Unfortunately, a truly modernized, sustainable transportation funding stream – one that can support a network capable of safely accommodating our growing population and propelling our economy forward – continues to elude our state. This is the reason why, in recent years, you have heard us perhaps be more vocal on this specific infrastructure need than on any other.

On May 19, the NC Chamber, job creators on our Destination 2030 Coalition, and others across North Carolina’s business community sent a joint advocacy letter to members of the N.C. General Assembly urging them to take a bold step to begin enacting modernized funding solutions during the 2021 session. If you are a business leader who believes, as we do, that North Carolina needs a forward-thinking transportation funding model to power our economic relaunch and continued growth, you can still signal your support for this effort by adding your organization to our letter here. We will continue to periodically update the letter with new signees to demonstrate job creators’ growing resolve on this vital issue.

We know our leaders may not be able to solve this entire challenge in a single session, especially with so many other priorities needing time and attention. But what better time than now – as states emerge from the health challenges of the pandemic to compete for a wave of newly unleashed opportunity – to take a bold, decisive step toward the modernized funding model North Carolina needs?

Together, let’s send a clear message to state leaders that North Carolina needs long-term transportation solutions, not just another short-term fix. Together, let’s ensure our leaders cement a transportation future that keeps jobs growing, keeps commerce flowing, and keeps our roads and bridges safe for North Carolina families.