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Destination 2030: Our Mission

The NC Chamber’s Destination 2030: The Road to a Stronger Transportation Future initiative, powered by job creators on the Destination 2030 Coalition, is leading a broad-based, business-driven effort to modernize and diversify North Carolina’s transportation funding structure to protect our quality of life, support the healthy growth of our economy and our communities, and ensure we continue to meet the mobility needs of our fast-growing state in an increasingly competitive business environment.


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The importance of North Carolina’s transportation network cannot be overstated. Our roads, bridges, ports, railways, and airports provide the pathways that keep commerce moving in our state and connect North Carolina’s businesses and its people to the rest of the global economy. A robust, well-funded transportation network means more high-quality jobs for communities across our state.

In recent years, as storm costs have surged and as a modernized, diversified stream of revenue sources continues to elude our grasp, North Carolina’s leaders have fallen short of finding the solutions we need to fund our transportation future. The COVID-19 pandemic has only made the need for bold solutions all the more evident. Our state continues to face a transportation funding crisis – the business community must come together if we aim to build the modernized funding model we need to keep growing good jobs for the people of North Carolina and secure our state’s continued success.


“We’re excited that North Carolina lawmakers and policymakers from both major parties are speaking up about the need to modernize transportation funding. The NC Chamber and the businesses on our Destination 2030 Coalition have been focused hard on this priority since 2020, and the blue-ribbon NC FIRST Commission and legislative initiatives have joined us in identifying workable ideas. Solutions are on the table, and our state needs a bipartisan, 21st century transportation funding model that is durable, equitable, and competitive. We must have a bias toward action. The time for North Carolina’s leaders to buckle up and get in the driver’s seat is now.”

Gary Salamido, president and CEO, NC Chamber (Feb. 2022)