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Contributed by BASF, Presenting Sponsor of the NC Chamber’s Workplace DEI Conference in Raleigh on June 8, 2023.

Diversity is at the forefront of everything we do here at BASF. We know our inclusive workplaces drive the fusion of ideas which fuels our innovation. Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion is the right thing to do because everyone deserves to be included and respected. For that reason, we were honored last week to participate as presenting sponsor for the NC Chamber’s Workplace DEI Conference.

Based on the fruitful listening, learning, and discussion, I left with a question in mind: What’s next? We cannot be satisfied to consider these issues only when publicized cases appear in the news headlines. Every day, we must be on the lookout for new ways to turn talk into action – the kind of action that leads to real, sustainable transformation.

At BASF, we’re doing our part to do just that.

Accountability Comes from the Top

It’s a guiding principle within BASF to always support an environment of trust, openness, and respect. We believe inclusion must be owned by everyone and we practice a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of discrimination and harassment, with leadership expected of every BASF employee.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy is championed through BASF’s Diversity + Inclusion Council. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) augment the council’s efforts, extending its impacts across the company and in our communities through numerous outreach and awareness campaigns.

We’re also focused on making sure our company’s future leaders grow into their roles with these values already instilled. Our Diverse Leaders Program is targeted toward postgraduate degree students of diverse backgrounds, and we also set goals that 50 percent of candidates interviewed for new roles are diverse employees and that 50 percent of the people conducting interviews also come from diverse backgrounds.

Employees across BASF who want targeted mentorship can identify areas of desired development and match with a mentor, ensuring these core values extend across tenure and generations. Our experiential sessions like Get in the Game, Chemistry of Inclusion, Ask Anything, and our regular listen-first tours, engagement surveys, townhalls, and dedicated Diversity & Inclusion Days ensure BASF employees are aware of our commitment to these principles.

You can learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion by clicking here or by following our #belongatBASF hashtag on social media.

Belong to Something Bigger

At BASF we have a saying, one specifically focused on our Diversity + Inclusion efforts: “Belong to something bigger.” The truth is all of us belong to the same “something bigger.” I’m proud of the part we at BASF are playing to drive diversity forward across our company and our communities. I know many of you have helped implement similar programs in your own companies.

I leave you with this question: are you making the most of your responsibility to turn courageous talk into the kind of action that drives real transformation in your company and your communities?

You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!

Courtney J. White
Head, Human Resources
BASF Agricultural Solutions, North America and Global DEI

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