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Destination 2030 Coalition Messaging Toolkit

Updated January 2021 | Download [PDF]

This toolkit contains sample messages and graphics that you can use as a framework to create your own messages and help us spread the word about the efforts of the Destination 2030 Coalition. Please feel free to repurpose these messages through newsletters, blog posts, emails, and social media to encourage others in your network to join this important conversation. This toolkit will be updated regularly to reflect new developments.

North Carolina Investment Resources for Sustainable Transportation (NC FIRST) Commission Final Report

Released January 2021 | Download [PDF]

The NC FIRST Commission is a 14-member commission at the N.C. Department of Transportation including individuals with backgrounds in finance, business, and public policy. In 2019, they were charged with analyzing the state of transportation funding resources in North Carolina and developing a set of recommendations to ensure critical resources can be made available for future investments in our transportation infrastructure. In January 2021, the NC FIRST Commission released its final report. That report, like the NC Chamber Foundation report below, is informing the efforts of the Destination 2030 Coalition.

Modernizing North Carolina’s Infrastructure Through Sustainable and Diversified Revenue Streams

Released August 2020 | Download [PDF]

For North Carolina, a modernized transportation network, with strong roads, rails, ports, and and airports, is vital to our continued success. To that end, in early 2020 the NC Chamber Foundation commissioned N.C. State University’s Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) to build upon previous research and compile a new report: Modernizing North Carolina’s Infrastructure Through Sustainable and Diversified Revenue Streams. This report gives business leaders and our partners a roadmap to examine a few of the routes we might take to secure a more sustainable stream of transportation revenue for our state. It identifies several of the most viable funding options to reduce our state’s reliance on the outdated motor fuels tax and charts pathways for their implementation. It also examines several transportation projects that have been completed across the state in recent years to highlight the multiplying effects strategic transportation investments can impart on local economies. This report, in concert with the findings of the NC FIRST Commission and other research into North Carolina’s transportation challenges, is helping to inform our efforts with the Destination 2030 Coalition to turn viable options into workable policy solutions.

Click here to learn more about the funding options explored in the report.