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As the NC Chamber Foundation looks to the future, we have a clear focus. No issue is more important than finding ways to connect employers to the talent they need.

In the areas of education and talent supply, we will continue working the tactics that have been successful for us in the past, including helping forge strong coalitions and preserve high academic standards for education; supporting business leaders and communities to expand workforce readiness and apprenticeships; and systematically identifying skills gaps. This work creates a solid foundation from which to lead efforts to benchmark best practices in technical training and provide actionable, solutions-based recommendations; to implement a proven approach to dramatically increase the number of individuals who are pursuing careers in the most in-demand jobs in NC; and to utilize national best practices in talent pipeline management to build employer-led collaboratives to support educational initiatives that are driven by demand.

Our impact will be on the front lines, as we provide region-specific interventions and solutions to ensure that we have skilled people who are prepared to meet employer needs and, at the highest level, as we forge alignment and a statewide vision and plan to support employers and educators.

We will continue to provide critical information to equip our state to remove barriers so that we can become one of the most competitive places in the world to do business. We will provide leadership and information to steadily address current infrastructure challenges and to create a path towards sustainability.

The pieces fit together and are mutually supportive—we remove barriers so that NC is a leading place to do business; we have a skilled workforce so that current and future employers have the talent they need to thrive; we have the infrastructure in place to support growth in business and in our population; and we have increased prosperity and opportunity for all North Carolinians.

With strong leadership and support from the business community across the state, the next several years will be a time of dynamic growth and opportunity. To learn more about how you can get involved and support the efforts of the NC Chamber Foundation, contact Kate Dorsch.