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As you might be aware, the NC Chamber Foundation manages the NC Dashboard, a tool that tracks various economic indicators in line with North Carolina Vision 2030. As part of our strategic planning for the next five years, we are overhauling the dashboard with a few key goals in mind: using the indicators to tell a story about North Carolina’s progress, comparing our progress to other states, and integrating the dashboard’s metrics into our daily work.

Our work is continuing on the new dashboard and we’d like to make sure we incorporate your feedback as we move forward.

Which indicators, economic or otherwise, would you like to see tracked on this website? Which metrics does your business track to measure North Carolina’s economic climate, especially as it compares to other states?

Some examples might include unemployment/employment figures and trends, business churn, venture capital, pre-K enrollment, educational attainment, population growth and migration rates, infrastructure and transportation measures, and more.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts below or contact Kate Payne with any questions. Responses are due by October 31.