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Welcome to This Week at the Capital, your detailed breakdown of the legislation that matters most to your business. The NC Chamber tracks the bills our advocacy team is monitoring, in accordance with our 2022 legislative agenda, describing where those bills are in the legislative process and whether we support or oppose them on your behalf.

Throughout the legislative session, bills of high importance to the business community are added under one of the three pillars of North Carolina Vision 2030, the NC Chamber Foundation’s strategic road map for our state’s future. These pillars include Education and Talent SupplyCompetitive Business Climate, and Infrastructure and Growth. Votes and sponsorships on the legislation listed here will ultimately be considered for inclusion in How They Voted, our post-session legislative report card.

June 30, 2022 Edition

In one of the biggest advocacy wins of the session, the NC Chamber-backed plan to allocate a percentage of the total sales tax collected for transfer from the state’s General Fund to the Highway Fund and the Highway Trust Fund made it into the budget released this week. More information on the Chamber’s position, as well as the plan, is available here. Hat tip to Director of Government Affairs Mark Coggins for tireless advocacy on this effort.

We are pleased to see the final confirmation of three deeply qualified, Chamber-backed appointments this week. Myra Griffin was confirmed to the North Carolina Industrial Commission, Regina Smith Adams to the North Carolina Employment Security Board of Review, and Secretary Kody Kinsley was confirmed to lead the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services.

At the time of this writing, economic activity connected to hemp in North Carolina remains hanging in the balance with its legal status set to expire today. The Senate has the option to either pass a hemp-only bill that has already been approved by the House, or, alternatively, the measure could be paired with the larger farm bill. Regardless of the vehicle, the NC Chamber is supportive of bill language allowing for the predictability of growing hemp in the state of North Carolina.

While the budget agreement does not contain provisions to expand Medicaid, the House passed SB408 Tuesday evening which would direct the state’s Department of Health and Human Services to come up with a Medicaid Modernization Plan by mid-December, after which legislators would take a vote on all or parts of it. The bill lays out the budgetary requirements that members would require in order to expand Medicaid to an estimated 600,000 additional North Carolinians.

As the legislative short session seemingly rushes to a close, our team is vigilant for any last-minute bills that pose a negative threat to the North Carolina business community.

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