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Legislators Support Strong Property Protections for Job Creators

The House and Senate this afternoon voted to override a veto of House Bill 405 (Property Protection Act), a pro-business bill that will deliver a much-needed fix to North Carolina’s inadequate property protection laws. The NC Chamber applauds members of the General Assembly for their courage in passing this vital measure into law, providing individuals and businesses with the strong protections they need.

Currently, employers have limited recourse against trespassers committing harmful acts while illegally accessing private property. The Property Protection Act creates a civil, compensatory process allowing property owners to seek $5,000 in damages for each day an intruder engages in unauthorized activity. The added measures will ensure our state’s job creators have the ability to safeguard their most vital assets – patient records, financial information, consumer data, merchandise, patents and intellectual property.

Again, we thank legislators in both the House and Senate for overriding the veto of House Bill 405, sending a strong message that North Carolina places a high value on protecting business investments and growing economic opportunities.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber