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NC Senate votes for lower academic standards

The North Carolina Senate passed House Bill 657 yesterday, which would create two different sets of high school math standards.

From the debate on the legislation, it became clear the intent was to lower expectations for high school students. Some speakers said the existing standards are good for high performing students, but lower performers need an easier option.

The legislation short circuits a nearly two-year process to raise our standards even higher. In 2014, the legislature created the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC). Earlier this month, the State Board of Education followed the ASRC’s recommendations and approved high school math revisions that were created by our teachers.

Some Senators, though, made it clear they did not like the outcome of this open process. Therefore, they have moved quickly on a bill that disrupts the integrity of the standards revision process. It creates uncertainty for teachers, students and parents.

The business community cannot accept lowered standards. Our efforts to make sure students are career and college ready depend on high quality math standards.

We are asking the House to defeat this bill.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber