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NC Chamber Foundation Launches Statewide Workforce & Leadership Development Program

Demand-Driven Initiative Seeks to Close Skills Gap

RALEIGH, N.C. – In response to North Carolina’s growing skills gap and its detrimental impact on the state’s economy, the NC Chamber Foundation has launched an innovative new workforce and leadership development program: Talent Pipeline Management (TPM).

TPM is a nationally recognized program, leveraged by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and has helped businesses in multiple sectors transform their workforce pipelines. It is a demand-driven, employer-led approach to close the skills gap by building pipelines of talent aligned to dynamic business needs.

“The skills gap in our workforce limits opportunity for businesses and individuals alike. Without immediate action, this challenge poses a major threat to North Carolina’s competitiveness and the readiness of our current and future workforce,” said Gary Salamido, president of the NC Chamber Foundation. “As the end-customer of the talent pipeline, business must lead the way on solutions to this problem, and Talent Pipeline Management is the innovative answer North Carolina needs. It’s a workforce strategy for the modern era that empowers local leadership and will drive meaningful change.”

The TPM process starts with the TPM Academy, where business, education and community leaders are trained in the framework’s six strategies to drive partnerships with education and training providers. The TPM Academy of North Carolina is now accepting applications for the inaugural class, which begins in September.

After the TPM Academy, trained facilitators then utilize supply-chain management principles to follow the TPM framework, resulting in a more data- and performance-driven approach to improving partnerships between business and education. The core of the TPM program is the formation of employer collaboratives. Certified TPM specialists form employer collaboratives in a specific industry or geographic area. The employers in each collaborative identify shared workforce development needs based on detailed demand planning. The employers then work together to identify education institutions, certification programs and other workforce improvements that will fill the demand.

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About the NC Chamber Foundation:

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