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NC Chamber Applauds Passage of Occupational Therapy Interstate Compact

The NC Chamber’s unwavering determination to improve processes and remove barriers for North Carolinians entering or returning to the workforce is evident in the recent passage of House Bill 224, the Occupational Therapy Interstate Compact. The NC Chamber is committed to leading the business community and allied organizations in advancing bills that are critical to solving the state’s rampant talent supply crisis. We will continue to fight for solutions that provide fair, expedient, and sensible steps toward workforce revitalization. The NC Chamber appreciates legislators’ unity in passing House Bill 224, and we applaud Governor Cooper’s recent signing of the bill.

House Bill 224 (Senate Bill 173): Occupational Therapy Interstate Compact:

  • Allows occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants to practice across member states under interstate compact.
  • Facilitates career pathways for professionals moving to North Carolina.
  • Streamlines the licensure process and eliminates obstacles currently preventing skilled workers, such as spouses of relocated military members, from filling vital health care positions.
  • Strengthens our state’s talent pipeline and attracts future residents.
  • Enhances public health and safety measures while improving access to essential occupational therapy and telehealth services for North Carolinians.

This year, the NC Chamber has championed legislation to create similar compacts in other professions for which a streamlined interstate licensure process would address talent supply challenges. We remain focused on fighting for future opportunities to achieve such solutions.