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ARTBA: State Gas Tax Adjustments Have Limited Impacts on Pump Prices

| Infrastructure

In its recently released report, How Changes in State Gas Tax Rates Affect Prices Motorists Pay at the Pump, the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) reports that gas tax holidays do not automatically result in significantly lower prices and big savings for motorists at the pump.

“The association examined 177 changes in state gasoline tax rates in 34 states between 2013 and 2021 and found that on average, just 18 percent of an increase or decrease was passed on to motorists in the retail price of gasoline in the two weeks after a change took effect.”

This is particularly relevant as state leaders, including ours, float the suggestion that an adjustment to the gas tax could provide relief to increasing prices.

The NC Chamber has been clear that these proposals are shortsighted. Read our full position here.

Experts from ARTBA recently presented to members of the NC Chamber’s Destination 2030 Coalition. Click here to learn more about how to engage in future discussions with that group. Additionally, don’t miss our Transportation and Infrastructure Summit in Raleigh on Thursday, April 28.