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Small Businesses: We’ve Got Your Back

While the COVID-19 pandemic has become the ultimate crucible of uncertainty for people worldwide, small businesses and their employees perhaps feel the greatest impact. The NC Chamber is here to support and champion businesses of all sizes during this difficult time and will provide resources particularly suited to small businesses on this page. Check back frequently as resources evolve; we are constantly consulting state and federal policymakers to ensure you have the latest tools at your disposal.

Disclaimer: The NC Chamber seeks to provide access to general information that may be relevant to individuals and entities responding or reacting to the COVID-19 outbreak. Prior to acting on the basis of information presented here, members and non-members should consult their own professional advisors for information and counsel specific to the individual and unique situations faced by organizations, individuals and corporations. The opinions, interpretations and recommendations of the NC Chamber are informational only and should not be relied upon by the recipient as legal or professional advice. The NC Chamber has not undertaken to ascertain the accuracy or reliability of the content of information provided or linked here. Users of this information accept any and all risks associated with its use and, by accessing the information, agree that the NC Chamber has no special relationship or liability to user.