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Fact Check: Clearing up Common Core Claims

By setting higher education standards, North Carolina continues to raise the bar to better prepare students to succeed, whether they go on to post-secondary education or enter the workforce after graduation. Businesses looking to hire those students remain adamant that the higher standards implemented in North Carolina are crucial to achieving the most competent, competitive workforce in the region, nation and world.

As several myths and misconceptions have muddied the debate on this issue, many are unclear on the facts about the Common Core State Standards. Karl Rectanus, education policy advisor at the North Carolina Chamber Foundation, recently sat down with WUNC to address many of these claims and discuss just the facts – listen here. Karl sets the record straight and clarifies that these standards were developed at the state level and allow local flexibility when it comes to implementation. Read the full story here for facts on seven different misconceptions.

To support our students and educators, the North Carolina Chamber is currently leading a broad-based coalition of more than 60 private and public organizations, known as HIRE Standards, NC. We remain committed to an on-going dialogue as North Carolina continues to elevate the education standards in our state.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber