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NC Legislature Confirms Commitment to Higher Standards

Today, the NC House of Representatives passed the conference report of Senate Bill 812 to maintain higher standards for K-12 education in North Carolina.

This measure brings greater predictability and certainty by keeping the current higher standards in place while a standards review commission researches and provides revisions. North Carolina will maintain rigorous standards that will be revised to best meet the unique needs of our students as they prepare for college, career and life. Additionally, the measure allows the commission to retain elements of Common Core standards, in part or full, as a basis for future standards. This leaves open the possibility that Common Core, with modifications, could continue to serve as the basis for North Carolina’s public school standards.

In a press release, Lew Ebert, president and CEO of the NC Chamber stated, “Today, North Carolina confirmed its commitment to high levels of learning that prepare each student with critical thinking and problem solving skills for the workplaces of tomorrow. This is a significant step toward a reasonable approach to make standards higher and our top priority is pushing for the absolute best academic standards for the state. North Carolina will move forward with implementing higher standards in classrooms, preserving the hard work of our teachers and students who have been implementing these higher standards in their classrooms for more than three years.”

The North Carolina Chamber and the broad-based business community remain committed to ensuring all students receive a world-class education with high standards that prepare them for college, career and life. We encourage Governor McCrory’s prompt approval of this measure and will continue to keep you updated.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber