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2014 Legislative Victory for Infrastructure & Growth Leadership

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As the North Carolina Chamber fights for pro-jobs legislation at the state capital, our team uses North Carolina Vision 2030 as a lens to ensure each bill is based around strengthening the four Pillars of a Secure Future: Education and Talent Supply, Competitive Business Climate, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Infrastructure and Growth Leadership.

The North Carolina business community widely recognizes the inextricable link between infrastructure and North Carolina’s ability to compete for job growth and economic development. Sufficient physical infrastructure, including transportation, water and sewer, energy and broadband, to meet future demand is required for good jobs and a secure future.

Thanks to your ongoing input and support, the North Carolina Chamber was successful in the 2014 Legislative Session in securing a significant victory to strengthen our state’s energy infrastructure:

  • Homegrown Energy Expanded in NC
    The NC Chamber has long been an advocate for an “all of the above” domestic energy strategy that strengthens our energy infrastructure and balances job creation and environmental protection. The Energy Modernization Act (SB786) passed this year moves North Carolina toward responsible domestic energy production by authorizing the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Mining and Energy Commission to begin issuing permits for natural gas exploration and development 60 days after the rules are developed and approved by the General Assembly. This is a great step to increase energy production in our state and develop a secure, diverse and predictable energy supply, helping facilitate the economic growth necessary for North Carolina to compete on both national and global levels.

Going into the 2015 Legislative session, the NC Chamber is focused on tackling North Carolina’s long-term transportation funding challenges. Investing in the transportation system is crucial for quality of life and economic growth, and will yield a significant return on investment as it provides a resource for years to come. Learn how you can become a part of the solution!

Check out this year’s edition of NC Chamber Wins for Business for more 2013-14 pro-jobs legislative victories and the 2015 JOBS Agenda to keep North Carolina growing!

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber