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Key Regulatory Reforms Advance After Veto Overrides

Cultivating a regulatory climate that supports a healthy environment and allows businesses to grow at the pace of the modern global economy is necessary to secure North Carolina’s prosperous future. Thankfully, the General Assembly took action to override the vetoes of House Bill 56: Amend Environmental Laws and Senate Bill 16: Business Regulatory Reform Act of 2017 last week – two bills that will do just that. From eliminating government monopolies to reducing regulatory burdens, both of these bills will advance key regulatory reforms that will benefit businesses across the state.

How exactly will House Bill 56 and Senate Bill 16 benefit North Carolina’s business community? House Bill 56 will initiate the orderly phase out of local government control over solid waste management by changing flow control restrictions. To date, flow control restrictions have given local governments an unfair advantage when competing with the private sector, creating a hidden tax and monopoly in waste disposal. However, House Bill 56’s reforms will now foster greater competition to drive costs down and eliminate the hidden tax generated through tipping fees. Senate Bill 16 will reduce many regulatory burdens for businesses across the state. Two provisions of note include reforms to help aid the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which will be an economic game-changer for North Carolina, and one that will cut the red tape restricting site permitting for landfills. Now, only one site permit will need to be secured by a contracted landfill, either for 60 years or the life of the site.

As we work to strengthen North Carolina’s competitive standing, it is critical that our state has a modernized, streamlined regulatory climate that reduces the unnecessary hurdles standing in the way of growth. We are pleased that the General Assembly overrode both vetoes, as both bills are integral to advancing North Carolina’s competitive future. I would like to extend a special thank you to Electroswitch Electronic Products, the North Carolina Manufacturers Alliance, Kaba Ilco Corp, RPM Wood Finishes Group, Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape, the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association, PCS Phosphate Company/PotashCorp-Aurora, the North Carolina Petroleum Council, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry and Arauco Panels, LLC for signing onto our letters to Speaker Moore and Senator Berger calling on the General Assembly to override House Bill 56. Together, our aligned business community made the case for these bills and their pivotal reforms. As always, the NC Chamber will continue to advocate for regulatory reforms that support the growth requirements of job creators, while providing commonsense safeguards for a healthy natural environment.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber