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Thank You to North Carolina’s Utility Heroes

| Energy, Infrastructure

With a winter storm bearing down on large parts of North Carolina and bringing with it the potential for significant power and communications outages, the NC Chamber thanks the individuals and organizations who are operating around the clock to repair damaged energy and telecommunications infrastructure and restore connections across our communities.

It’s easy to take the technologies that power our daily lives for granted. But behind them all is a dedicated workforce of skilled utility personnel maintaining the complex systems that make possible so much of what defines our lives in the 21st century. Too often, it’s only when an ice storm or hurricane disrupts these systems that many of us outside the utility industry notice how much human energy and ingenuity goes into making them work. And when emergencies do strike, it’s these same skilled personnel who work tirelessly to ensure that power and communications are restored quickly and effectively for all North Carolinians.

Our reliance on these vital systems has only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people than ever before depend on virtual resources for work, learning, health care, and daily life. On behalf of our members and the unified business community, our NC Chamber team thanks everyone working today and everyday across our state to keep power flowing and to keep North Carolinians safe, warm, and connected. As you go about your jobs, we hope you know that the gratitude of an entire state goes with you.

Stay safe out there.


Gary J. Salamido
President and CEO
NC Chamber