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When was NC Chamber Foundation formed?
The NC Chamber Foundation was created in 2010 to help drive the State’s Vision 2030 strategic plan.

What is the purpose of the NC Chamber Foundation?
As the NC Chamber’s long term research and planning center, the Foundation releases future-focused research and policy recommendations that the NC Chamber and others leverage into advocacy and policy change.

Is the Foundation separate from the Chamber?
Yes. The NC Chamber is a 501(c)6 membership organization, and the NC Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. It is governed by a separate Board of Directors.

Does the Foundation provide grant funds to other organizations?
The NC Chamber Foundation is not a grant making organization. Foundation funds are used to hire staff, contract with researchers, commission studies, support programming, and convene experts. Some accounting, marketing and administration functions are shared with the NC Chamber.

How large is the staff team at the Foundation?
The Foundation team currently includes Meredith Archie, Foundation President and Vincent Ginski, Director of Workforce Competitiveness.

How many companies are involved in and expected to invest in NC Leads?
Between 75 and 100 companies are expected to participate.