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2020 Ag Allies Conference Session Recording



The Future of Ag – Big Picture Opportunities and Causes for Concern

Data drives the innovation and progress that make agribusiness one of the most cutting-edge industries in North Carolina. What are the key metrics and indicators that will shape ag, ag research, and ag economics in the coming years, and how can businesses leverage that data to fortify their business strategy? In this panel, national experts will delve into the numbers of note for the agribusiness industry.


Ag and Technology—The Future Being Created in North Carolina

John Therien, Co-Lead of AgTech Practice, Smith Anderson

With innovative efforts underway to deliver sustainable crop protection products derived from natural peptides and the soil microbiome, to bring black raspberries to supermarket shelves, and to save the Cavendish banana, North Carolina companies are transforming the ways in which the world’s population will grow, harvest and consume food. Mr. Therien will discuss today’s landscape and the exciting opportunities and challenges for the future of North Carolina Ag and AgTech.


Federal Trade Update

Ambassador Gregg Doud, Chief Agricultural Negotiator, Office of the United States Trade Representative

For years, the agriculture sector has consistently relied upon growing export markets to support profitability within the industry here at home.  Exports supply an outlet for our products, but international markets and the supply chains to provide for them employ thousands, in both farm and non-farm jobs.  North Carolina, with its protein-centric ag footprint, is a national leader in exploring and capturing these markets.  

With several years of work now under his belt (in addition to a remarkable career even before recently re-entering public service), what does Ambassador Gregg Doud believe are our best opportunities and most grave threats?  How would he summarize the progress and work of the current administration, and what might we expect from either party in the future?  Which stumbling blocks can be moved and which are here to stay?  What is his practical advice for a state so closely tethered to markets abroad?  He’ll answer these questions in an extensive update.


Closing Keynote: Aimpoint Research – Battlefield Intelligence Update

Brett Sciotto, President & CEO, Aimpoint Research

A former Army Intelligence Officer, Aimpoint Research President and CEO Brett Sciotto’s training in and emphasis on mission-critical information gathering and targeted research methodology make him unique in his approach to problem solving in a corporate environment. In this session, he will provide a data-rich, intelligence-based COVID impact assessment for the agri-food value chain that cannot be accessed elsewhere.