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While COVID-19 has created an unprecedented reality, the mainstay of businesses across the state holds true – people are priority. The health and safety of people, both employees and customers, remains a lodestar for North Carolina employers.

This has been true long before the pandemic we are experiencing today. Employers know how to keep people safe and their success relies on it. Most businesses already have an open channel of communication with their people that is built on a strong foundation of trust. Employers trust their people to protect one another and people trust their employers to protect them.

As North Carolina begins to contemplate the road back, that baseline of trust and an open line of communication will be the foundation for continued success.

While the landscape is ever-changing, North Carolina will reopen. The NC Chamber has engaged with businesses across the state and confirmed that, for the most part, the typical guidance is already being followed, regardless of industry. Many employers are going even further to protect their people, and we expect your business is probably looking to do that too. The following best practices are designed to help you prepare your business for the road back.

This page will be updated frequently as new guidance is available.