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For North Carolina job creators, the physical, mental, and fiscal health of our employees and customers is a lodestar that guides each of our decisions. This has been true long before the pandemic, and it is even more important now as we work with public-sector leaders, health officials, educators, and the public to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our communities while keeping our state moving forward.

Most businesses already have an open channel of communication with their people that is built on a strong foundation of trust. Employers trust their people to protect one another and people trust their employers to protect them. As North Carolina continues to navigate the road back, that baseline of trust and those open lines of communication will remain the foundations for continued success. While the landscape is ever-changing, our businesses have proven they have what it takes to operate safely while keeping their employees in high-quality jobs – to protect lives and livelihoods.

Since the start of the pandemic, the NC Chamber has engaged with businesses across North Carolina to understand their needs, challenges, and considerations. We can confirm that, regardless of industry, the vast majority of our employers are updating and adapting their operational strategies to incorporate the latest guidance from experts. Many employers are going even further to protect their people, and we expect your business is probably looking to do that too. The following best practices are designed to help you ensure your business stays up to date on the latest operational guidance and can utilize that guidance to adapt your strategies to the needs of your business and your people – whether your workforce is back in the office, mostly remote, or somewhere in between.