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A commitment to protecting our status as the number one state in the country for business.

North Carolina has risen from the 12th best state for business (ranking by CNBC) in 2013 to the #1 best state for business two years in a row in 2022 and 2023. We’ve risen from 40th in our tax policy state ranking to #11. We’ve fixed a broke and broken unemployment insurance system that now runs a stable surplus. We’ve also attacked regulatory reform at all levels of government, enabling businesses to do what they do best – create jobs and better the livelihoods of the communities they serve.

Continued success and sustainable growth will require intentionality and leadership. Together, the business community and all levels of government must work cooperatively to not only protect our status as a top state for business but also actively pursue opportunities that will advance a strategic regional, national, and global competitive advantage for North Carolina.

The North Carolina Business Playbook identifies five key focus areas for advancing the business and legal climate in North Carolina.

Business Playbook Priorities:

Business Playbook Partners

Investor American Property and Casualty Insurance Association
Investor Insurance Federation of North Carolina
Investor NC Chamber
Investor NC Farm Bureau
Investor North Carolina Forestry Association
Investor North Carolina Home Builders Association
Investor North Carolina Medical Society
Investor NC Restaurant and Lodging Association
Investor North Carolina Retail Merchants Association
Investor North Carolina Trucking Association
Investor NFIB

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